"Haole Hula"

by R. Alex Anderson

















Full routine 2:39

@2:40min. mark - practice "Shades of green"

@3:41 min. mark "Hissing Sounds - crashing waves"

@4:16 min mark 75% speed - dance from the beginning to end

@7:50 min mark - Tempo from the beginning to end 2 times



































Vamp: C7~C~C7~F x2



Verse 1:                                           F                                 C7                             F

Oh when I hear the strains of that sweet     Alekoki

Holoholo right 4x arms chest – out…..Holoholo left 4x “vamp”

                                          C7                             F ~ F7

And stealing from afar-off guitar “Penei nō”

Holoholo right 4x “guitar - strum only twice”….Holohololeft 4x “listen”


                     Bb                              D7                           G7

When “Lili`u ē” makes you sway in the moonlight

Kalakaua rt  then left (backstep) rt elbow bent then left…  full turn kaholo rt / left/ “moon”

                                     C7                                                      F

I know the reason why fair Hawaii haunts you so

Kaholo rt / left “Think” rt / lf….sway 4x “circle heart 2ct “present” 2ct


  Verse 2:                                              F                             C7                          F

The lovely blue of sky and the sapphire of ocean

Holoholo rt 4x Rt arm swoop up then left …Holoholo left 4x arms 2 oceans dips

                                                                         C7                                    F ~ F7

The flashing white of cloud and of waves foaming crest

Kaholol rt / left –arms 2 swirl “Clouds”…Kaholo rt / lf ocean rt   -arms 2 wave rt, one wave left then to face                                         

                                                Bb                                 D7                          G7

The many shades of green from the plain to the mountain

Rt Step uwehe-rt arm present..left uwehe-left arm present…kaholo rt  “Mountain” Kaholo left- left arm “valley”


                                              C7                                                             F

With all the brightest hues of the rainbow we're blessed

Kaholo rt / lf “Rainbow”….Full turn left while doing 4 ami’s “love”





  Verse 3                                               F                      C7                                         F

I hear the swish of rain as it sweeps down the valley

Holoholo rt 4x “rain”left …Holoholo left, rt arm valley 1+2+ left “valley” 3+4+


                                             C7                                          F ~ F7

I hear the song of wind as it sighs through the trees

Holoholo rt back 4x,left arm extend –rt overhead “wind” 2 x ,,,Sway rt, lf, rt dip, lf “trees”


         Bb                               D7                               G7

I hear the crash of waves on the rocks and the beaches

Kaholo lf / rt “rolling ocean”…Kaholo lf / rt “beaches-smooth”

                             C7                                                           F

I hear the hissing surf and the boom of the seas

left – step uwehe “mouth – out” Left step uwehe “1ocean wave”…Right step Uwehe “scoop clap”…Right step uwehe “1 ocean wave”



Verse 4                                          F                          C7                      F

I love to dance and sing of the charms of Hawaii

Kaholo rt / left “Vamp”…Kaholo Rt / Lf “present rt, present left”


                                                  C7           F ~ F7

And from a joyful heart sing Aloha to you

Holoholo Rt 4x “roll heart, out to audience”…Holoholo lf 4x “point You”


                          Bb                     D7                        G7

In every note I'll tell of the spell of my islands

Step Uwehe Rt then Left left hand at mouth the out, rt extened – repeat other side…Kaholo Rt / Lf “Islands”  (but start kaholos with a bit of a turn)

                                 C7                                                               F

For then I know that you'll be in love with them too

Forward sway rt/lf/rt/lf “rt arm present,lf present, then hands join together…kaholo rt / left “present rt / lf”



                                                     C7                                                              Bb~Bbm~F~C7~F

For then I know that you'll be in love with them toooooooooo


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