Kahea U'ilani - The Call of the Heavens

we are using Antion Vikram Singh version available on itunes


























Start  - @ Tempo   Ending only @ 75% tempo-4:48 min. mark    5:55 min. mark - entire dance @ 75% tempo

12:13 min. mark - @ Tempo









In the coolness in the fine gentle rain,

a tingling love within me.

There amidst the dew scattered by the breeze,

we embrace, we embrace the forest.








You are my precious lei,

an adornment to be worn

forever In the cool fragrance of the uplands.












Delighting in the forest,

the beauty in our love,

as we sway in the purple mist.












The story is told,

of the beauty witnessed

in the purple mist of the upland


In the forest where we delighted,

the beauty of the heavens calling.