I’m Barbara Dempsey,  a former professional Polynesian dancer for over 16 years.


During my younger years (age 19-35) I performed regularly at such venues as Don the Beachcombers, Tropicana Hotel-Las Vegas & The Harrah’s Marina Hotel-Atlantic City, with the Okalani Polynesian Revue, eventually branching off, along with my sister Kathy and friend Lyn-Del Pederson forming “Mainland Paradise”  and later, Kon Tiki Productions. During this same time (1979-1984) I also taught hula-fitness classes at Los Angeles City College during the summer sessions.


My Polynesian dance study's were with Karoun Tootikian - former foundation leader for the Ruth St  Denis Dance Company, Jane Tani Okalani, Tevahini Blake, Kumu June Kehaulani Rust, Jack Kinneer, Kumu Mahealani Harder Linder, Kumu 


I retired from dance to pursue other passions - film, music, and my family.

In my mid-50’s, I had knee surgery for a torn medial meniscus and I suffered extreme lower back pain due to arthritis / degenerated discs. Foregoing physical therapy, I decided to get back to what I loved most, returning to Polynesian dance to rehabilitate my back and knee. 


I began exercising and incorporating the Polynesian dance moves to my daily workout routine.It was during this ongoing recovery period that I decided to make the return to dance & fitness official. My orthopedic surgeon was astonished at my remarkably quick recovery and confessed that he never had a patient my age recover so quickly! And my back pain is non-existant!!!

In 2010, I became a certified Hot Hula  instructor and started concentrating more on senoir fitness in 2012. I discovered that older women were discouraged by the intense fast pace of normal workouts so I paird up with physical therapist Wesley Chun and developed an intnese "low-impact" program that appealed to mature women.


In 2016 I broke my knee cap and managed to continue teaching hula fitness using hula as my rehab program. Unfortunately the bone never fused so I eventually had to have my knee replaced in late 2018.


I have dedicated myself to sharing my knowledge of Polynesian dance, fitness and physical rehab with women of all ages while specializing in the fabulous 50 & above ages. .

Aloha Allure Polynesian Dance is a fun and sexy way back to health & fitness!  


Thank you for your interest and I look forward to meeting you in class or on-line!


With warmest aloha and good health wishes,


Mahalo a hui hou kakou (Thank you - until we meet again)




loha e komo mai !